15 May 2013

Update on completed projects

Well, it's quite a while since I updated my completed projects of which there have been quite a few!  Where does the time go?  We are already in the middle of May so here goes!  

Sailor's Delight

 This is a little table topper that I made for my sister Lesley.  It is called Sailor's Delight and it was made from Peggy Martin's Quick Strip Paper Piecing, a class on Craftsy.  This is a relatively easy class on paper piecing which is a method I really enjoy doing.

New York Beauty

 Another paper pieced quilt from Peggy's class is this New York Beauty.  I chose purple and yellow as I had never worked with these colours before.  They are quite striking and not at all compatible with the colour scheme in our home!  But still, it hangs proudly in my sewing room!

Mariner's Compass

This wall hanging is called Secret Garden (not very obvious in the fabrics I used as the original had flowers on the outer border).  It was made from one of the books I bought from C&T Publishers called Mariner's Compass Stars by Carol Doak.  It features 24 paper pieced blocks and 9 quilt projects - a really great book to have.

We are  now finished with paper piecing but there will be more to come in the near future!

Disappearing 9-patch
I was so fascinated by Jenny Doan's disappearing 9-patch tutorial from Missouri Star Quilt Company that I just had to make a few of them.  This one used a charm pack and extra yardage for the border.  Do you see that lovely plate, well it came to grief not long after I took this photo; the culprit, Big Boy, Heather's cat who still lives with us.  He decided to jump out of the window above the table.  

Who me, I didn't do anything!

Another Disappearing 9-patch.

See I told you I was fascinated by this pattern!  I used 6" square charms for this one.  It's quite a fun table topper that I use when we have bookclub here.  I added yardage for the border.

Sunflower Quilt

This quilt I made from a book called Vintage Quilts by Joanna Figueroa.  I really had fun choosing the fabrics as these are "my" colours.  I used a 100% cotton batting that I found on the internet in Alberton.  Why had I not discovered this source before?  It was so beautiful to quilt and drapes so much better than the Loomtex which we get locally here in SA.  I was able to use quite a variety of fmq stitches - one of my favourite quilts. The pillows were made from charm squares quite unrelated to the fabrics in the quilt and are not too bad together.

Now what else have I got?  Oh yes, the 2012 BOM!

2012 Block of the Month

This is the completed BOM I did with Craftsy in 2012.  Amy Gibson was the sweet lady who did the classes and Leah Day showed us how to quilt it.  I quite enjoy doing BOMs but they do tend to drag out over a whole year!  I'm now busy with the 2013 one which I'm doing in totally different colours!

Well, I think that I am up to date now save perhaps for one or two which will hopefully come to mind!

Thank you for visiting my blog.  You are welcome to return again.  Please follow me on bloglovin'.

Happy quilting,



  1. Oh my, I'm actually at a loss for words!! Your work is simply amazing. I love every single piece shown.

    1. Thank you Marelize, you have inspired me to do the update!!

  2. these are BEAUTIFUL! I am also enrolled in the Craftsy class, but haven't started either yet. Trying to finish some UFOs here :)

    1. Thank you Darlene, you must get started on the class, you will learn such a lot. I understand about finishing USOs though!