26 May 2013

Strips and Curves.

I have just completed a small table runner from the "Strips and Curves" book by Louisa L. Smith.

Strips & Curves Table Runner

Trying something small first made good sense before tackling a larger quilt with all those curved pieces.  Having said that, once I got the hang of it they weren't all that difficult!  First came the selection of the strip colours and putting them in a pleasing order running from dark to light to dark.  The fabrics used were from a selection of hand dyed fabrics from Amafu.

Choosing the order of the strips

Once the strips were joined and the shapes cut out with templates I made, then came the joining of the curved pieces.  I found the less pins I used the easier it was to sew, contrary to the many tutorials on curved piecing!

Joining the curved shape

Some of the strips were also cut in the curved shape and joined to the plain marbled fabric and then arranged in a pleasing design.

Do you see that little half moon shape?  Oh my word, I had at least 3 attempts at joining it on to the larger marbled fabric!  Definitely won't be doing that again in a hurry.


I then quilted the strip pieces in the ditch with monofilament thread in the needle and beautiful fine Bottom Line by Libby Lehman in the bobbin.  This is the first time I've have used Bottom Line and oh man, am I in love with this thread!  It is really beautiful to sew with.  I quilted pebbles, or rather circles on the marbled fabric using Colorful in a bronze colour in an 80/12 needle and of course Bottom Line in the bobbin!

I am pleased to have tried out this design on a small table runner before I attempt it in a larger quilt that I have in mind to make!  The colour choices are really important as there must be at least 16 to 18 different fabrics in the strips ranging from light to dark that will tone in with the background fabric.

Table Runner on Yellowwood Table

Thank you for taking a look at my latest quilt.  Now for the next project this week.....

Happy quilting,


  1. What a neat table runner! It looked wonderful after the piecing but your quilting made it awesome! I still wonder how you got that half moon shape in there - quite a feat I'm sure, but it is perfect! ~Jeanne

  2. Did you quilt the circles individually or are they joined somehow, it's hard to tell in the picture, I have never attempted to quilt circles with free motion.....I am scared to try. I absolutely LOVE LOVE the end results your runner us a showpiece. thanks for sharing