29 November 2012

FMQ - November

The November FMQ Challenge, which is hosted by SewCalGal, was given by quilt expert Sarah Vedeler.  As one of her favourite quilting designs is "Spirals" this is what she had us do!  We could print off a page of spirals to trace over to get the feel of how they were stitched.  I have many pages of spirals scattered all over the house as I practiced and practiced and .... practiced!  Here is my final group of spirals which I stitched on my Challenge quilt.

I drew parallel lines measuring 1 inch and 2 inches in which to stitch the spirals.  The last column of spirals is stitched travelling on the same line to come out which gives a totally different look.  Mmm I quite like these ones!

The following are the usual sketching practice pages.

Printed page for practice

My attempt at free hand

Stitching on FMQ Challenge Quilt

Thank you Sarah for your great tutorial and for giving us the printed pages on which to practice.  I really believe they made a huge difference in stitching our final pieces.

Thank you SewCalGal for the huge effort and time you have spent on hosting this challenge.  I look forward to December to see how the borders and finishing will be done.