19 March 2015

Classes at Cotton Tale

Well what a wonderful time we all had over the two days!  It was fun and exciting to see how the ladies managed and couldn't believe the difference in their stitching from the beginning of the classes and when we finished in the afternoon.  I'm not sure if it was quite what they were expecting but nevertheless every single lady very quickly managed to execute the different stitches, each in their own way and style.

Here are a few photos of our exciting days; the time went so quickly and I only managed three photos!

 A huge thank you goes to Judy and Chantal at Cotton Tale and for the delicious eats they served at tea time!

I look forward to sharing more of what I have learned of this fascinating art in the near future. We will hold follow-on classes with these ladies in a few months time.  I can't wait to see what they have achieved over the next few months!  Well done all of you!

Happy quilting,

11 March 2015

Quilting Classes.

My free motion quilting classes have kept me extremely busy over the last few months and even a bit of traveling to out-lying areas.  What started off teaching friends how to piece a quilt, led to acquaintances hearing about it and wanting other classes organized, to complete strangers approaching me to learn this exciting hobby.  But my love and passion for free motion quilting steered me into many more opportunities and so life has become far more hectic.  Added to that, we have our National Quilt Festival coming up in July 2015 and I am trying to complete a quilt for the festival as well as making up samples for the classes.  Two classes at Cotton Tale on 16 and 17 March, Bethlehem on 26 March and I am teaching at Quilt in Clarens in July.

Here are some photos of my two dear friends Joan and Corrie who started off quilting classes in my little sewing room last year.  This was actually their third class where they are learning Paper Piecing. 

Busy concentrating!

And here they are with their finished blocks.  Aren't they beautiful, umm the blocks as well!

A finish!  Well done girls.

I have enjoyed the quilting classes and we have had a lot of fun and laughter, and not too many ripped out seams!!

One of my free motion quilting classes was held at Lalis, a lovely guest house in Harrismith.  We were so busy that this is the only photo I managed to take.  It doesn't look like it, but we had a lot of fun in this class!  I must have just captured the concentration!  Poor Emmie was really battling with her old Bernina which led to her buying a brand new Elna.  Way to go Emmie. 

Riana taking a break to check on the other ladies.

Helping the ladies

At about this time we had a visit from Issie Steenberg, a lovely lady from Bloemfontein who came to give us all a class on the "quilt as you go" method.  Fortunately the girls had all had a bit of practice with free motion quilting as Issie's class was not a beginners class.  Now six months later, two of the ladies have finished the quilts they started in the class.  Here they are, aren't they stunning!

Gerda's beautifully quilted quilt

Alta's lovely quilt

I have yet to finish mine but will post when it's done.  Too much to do; too little time!

Thank you for stopping by,