21 August 2013

Little Sawtooth Stars

You might remember that in May I blogged about our guild project which we are to have completed by the November meeting.  You can read about it here to see the instructions which we were given.  We will be overseas on our exciting and long awaited cruise on the Queen Elizabeth in October, arriving home mid October so I thought I had better get my piece done as it might be a tad difficult to get into it as soon as we arrive home!

I chose to do these little Sawtooth Stars with the tiny pieces cut between 1¼ and 2 inches square and then pieced together to form the star pattern in colours that would tone with our given border fabric.

Sawtooth Stars

I think the colours blend quite well and the finished piece measures 22 inches (56cm) square.  There was not enough border fabric over to do the binding so I chose one of the fabrics from one of the stars.

I quilted it in an all over feather pattern perhaps better seen from the back.

This is my first project with the Golden Gate Quilters Guild, so now back to planning our itinerary....
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Happy quilting,