29 May 2013

Guild Project

Decisions, decisions!  We received a ¼ meter of quilt fabric at our last guild meeting with very clear instructions.

Fabric to be used in border


1.   Use scraps no larger than 2 inches.
2.   Use your piece of fabric for the border.
3.   Finished project no smaller than 50cm x 50cm and no larger
      than 70cm x 70cm.  (Roughly 20" and 27½")
4.   Project to be shown at November meeting.
5.   R50 fine if project is not completed.

2 inch pieces!  Oh my goodness, this is going to take some time I suspect.  So out with some samples of fabric to use.  

Amafu hand dyed fabric

I could keep it plain with some hand dyed fabric.

Grand Finale

I could use a charm pack,  Grand Finale by Sandy Gervais for Moda, or....

Urban Couture

another charm pack I have, Urban Couture by Basic Grey for Moda.  I have two each of these charm packs cut into 4 would give me finished pieces of 2 inches but I doubt that I would have to use two charm packs if I also use a plain cream as well.

HSTs could work, hexies could work or umm.... I'll have to spend some time planning.  

Thank you for dropping by and any suggestions would be most welcome!

Happy quilting,



  1. Quite a challenge! Can't wait to see what you come up with! ~Jeanne

  2. good luck xx love to have a challenge x