17 May 2013

Successful shopping day.

The mug rugs which I promised yesterday will have to wait another day I'm afraid as a wee bit of unexpected shopping happened across my path this morning!  I'd love to show you what I bought.  

Glenda from Amafu Fabrics made a stop in Harrismith on her way to Johannesburg with her gorgeous hand-dyed fabrics - a stationwagon FULL with the most gorgeous colours.  I photographed them once they were pressed before adding to my growing stash.  The fat quarters are 50cm square (about 20 inches) and fabric widths are 150cm (almost 60 inches).

Desert Sands

Zinkwazi Summer

Namib Neutrals

Peacock Blues

A selection of  "Clouds"

Superior threads, needles and Chaco Liner

Oh to have Superior Threads in South Africa.  What a treat!  The large spool is Egyptian Cotton, on the right is Libby Lehman's Bottom Line and in the middle is Rainbows, a quilting thread with a high sheen.  

Now to decide what to make.  So I will leave it here and join you back tomorrow with the promised mug rugs.

Here is a link to these gorgeous Amafu Fabrics.

Happy quilting,


  1. Wow! That is a great day! Thanks for sharing it.

  2. What gorgeous fabrics! I love all of them especially the Peacock Blues. ~Jeanne