11 August 2015

Whole Cloth Quilt

Well it's not exactly "tomorrow" but soon after anyway!

I am very excited to at last add my whole cloth quilt to my blog.  It is from a class I did with Issie Steenberg about a year ago and I've worked on it intermittently as my fmq teaching has allowed.  The 16 inch squares are divided diagonally and each one has a different pattern quilted within the diagonal lines.  It was a mammoth task trying to think of different fmq patterns to quilt in each quarter.  I think there is one repeat which I had obviously forgotten about having stitched it a few months previously.

Whole cloth King Size Quilt


The quilted squares were trimmed to 16 inches and joined together using the quilt-as-you-go method.
Here are a few more close-ups of some of the quilting.

I quilted loose feathers around the entire border and then joined it also with quilt-as-you-go after the 36 squares had been joined together.  There was a lot of hand stitching in the joining but the finish is far nicer than machine stitching.

I was delighted to see this quilt displayed at the Clarens Quilt Festival.  It drew quite a bit of attention and inspired many people to take my Free Motion Quilting class.  It is not a very good photo as there was a lot of light in the room.

Whole cloth quilt in Clarens

Thank you for visiting my blog once again.  I hope this has inspired you to start one of these whole cloth quilts.  It is so very rewarding once the quilt is finished!!

Happy quilting,



  1. Carolyn, it is gorgeous! You do beautiful work. it is amazing! Thank you for sharing. ~Jeanne

  2. Thank you Jeanne, your comments always inspire me.