18 June 2014

Stringing Along!

Well now after too long a break from blogging I've been scratching the surface of modern quilting, looking at peoples' work and generally searching the internet to see what is happening in the world of modern quilting.  Christa Watson's work has been a huge encouragement and eye-opener and I also watched Elizabeth Hartman's video "Inspired Modern Quilts" on Craftsy giving me a window into what I find to be quite exciting.  Oh goodness, after 26 years or so of traditional quilting it is going to be a completely different mind set to get around, but....  I think I'm going to be hooked!  Well I tried my hand at a string quilt which is not really "modern" as string quilts have been around for yonks, but definitely a move from the traditional. 

My first "modern" String Quilt

Being quite an "orderly" gal, I felt that I had to have some kind of uniformity by keeping the gold colour strips the same width and in the same place in all the blocks, while the rest of them were cut all different widths and sewn randomly onto the newsprint squares which were cut to finish at10 inches square.  It was a great opportunity to destash and I must say quite liberating to sew.  Yes, I could go for this!

String Quilt showing backing

I used a hand dyed backing fabric from Amafu Fabrics and as it was not quite wide enough at 150cm, I learned from Glenda how to do a diagonal seam to save fabric.  A great idea I must say!

Showing fmq design

I finished it off with an all-over design which I frequently use on my quilts and finally bound it with the same backing fabric.

I love how this single size bed quilt turned out and it will probably head off to a grandchild.

Thanks for visiting.  I have another modern quilt in the pipeline......

Happy quilting,


  1. Nice to see you! Love your string quilt and yes it looks rather modern. I too am moving towards the modern quilts. I love the bright colors. However, at times, I'm back to traditionally quilts. It is wonderful having choices?!! ~Jeanne

    1. Hello again sweet Jeanne, how come you see my posts so quickly? Yes it is certainly good to have choices and sometimes bright colours just don't cut it, but I have to experiment some more. I think the children will love them anyway! Bless you for being such a faithful "commenter".