19 February 2014

New Fabric!

How excited can one girl be!  Look at all this gorgeous fabric I have just received.  I have been ordering fabric on special offers for the past few months and having it delivered to a very dear friend who now lives in the States.  They have come back "home" for a few weeks and brought it out with them.

A bunch of deliciousness!

Christa, do you spot your ½ yard cuts on the right?!  It was like opening a lucky packet as I had mostly forgotten what I had ordered.  Gilly thank you so much for your kindness and it was lovely to see you again and to catch up on so much time....

I shall be disciplined and finish what I am busy with before beginning something new - well I will try anyway!

Thanks for having a peep.

Happy quilting,

1 comment:

  1. There are some beautiful pieces! So glad they are all now in your possession. Happy Day! ~Jeanne