8 July 2013

Quilt Festival - Bloemfontein, South Africa

Hubby and I spent a wonderful day at the Bloemfontein Quilt Festival wandering around looking at the exhibition of 270 beautifully made quilts submitted in various categories.

The category I chose for mine was "Traditional - Large" being over 150cm square.  It is my Chocolat et Créme which you have probably seen before on my blog.  I pieced it in a design which left me with a lot of negative space allowing me to express my passion in free motion quilting.  I know that it was not perfect as there were one or two areas where I found that I had too much fabric over which to quilt, therefore forming a crease.  But I've learned my lesson  - stitch in the ditch ESS - EVERY STINKING SEAM; Peggy Martin's advice in a tutorial I did on Craftsy.  Had I done that, my mishap would never have happened!  But anyway I was really thrilled with the Judges' comments and through looking at what everyone else had done, I don't think I had done too badly!

Moi with my quilt

Judges' comments

There were some very impressive quilts exhibited and here are a few that really caught my eye.

 Chocolat et Créme in situ.

The theme was "Kaleidoscope" beautifully depicted in these three all of which won a ribbon.

This one was similar to mine.  There were little flowers embroidered which made it very interesting as well as the border detail.
Here is a close up of some detail in the quilt


Beautiful applique

An old singer with a beautiful piece of lace appliqued under the needle.  Can you see the tiny bit of thread hanging loose from the needle!

Lots of different faces appliqued.

This quilt won a "first" in it's category.

A ribbon in this category which unfortunately I can't remember but the colours were magnificient.

This "game reserve" quilt was expertly appliqued with the elephant in the foreground and various animals and birds hidden in the foliage.  Can you see the leopard lying on a branch just above center?

This was a scene looking through a window with a door and handle to the left.  In the front on the window ledge were a few items appliqued with a little cloth hanging over the edge.

This cute little quilt depicted a dolls  house with the front of the building on one side and on the back was appliqued the various rooms in the house.  The detail was incredible. 
Can you see the little spider and spider web at the top of the first and third rooms?

The gradations of colour shading in this quilt with it's various ribbons was really expertly done!
The Coetzee family in the Anglo-Boer War

Oh my word!  This quilt was definitely something special.  It measured 6.38m by 3.34m and was completed in 3 months.  The 15 "windows" once completed were sent to people who had the necessary equipment required to join the blocks together and quilt them.  It has been donated to the War Museum in Bloemfontein as part of the Centenary celebrations of the "Vrouemonument".  (Monument to the women).  

This quilt won 2nd in the WORLD in Paducha, USA and was on display.  Excuisite does not adequately describe this needle-turned appliqued quilt.  Some of my USA followers may have seen this quilt before.

Hand appliqued quilt winning 2 ribbons.

Orange Peel pattern - here again the colouring was beautifully done.
Best on Show - hand appliqued.

There were many classes given by experienced local and overseas teachers during the course of the week, but unfortunately one day did not allow me to take part in any of them.  Perhaps next time, but I did make use of the Vendor's Hall!

I enjoyed sharing part of this lovely exhibition with you.  Thank you for visiting.  Please call back again soon as I will be showing a cute little baby quilt that I have made and a tutorial as well.


  1. Carolyn - Thanks so much for sharing. Your quilt is lovely and what wonderful, deserving comments from the judges you received! ~Jeanne

    1. Thank you Jeanne, it was a wonderful experience. The last one I attended was over 20 years ago in Johannesburg.

  2. Your quilt is beautiful! I would have loved to have attended the show but unfortunately could not do so, so seeing the photographs you posted was a real treat! What technique was used in the international award winning quilt - perhaps applique or reverse applique?
    Sandi, Somerset West

    1. Hi Sandi, thank you for your kind words. That quilt that won the international award was appliqued - needle turn. It was too beautiful for words!

  3. How lovely! Great work, Carolyn. What a nice quilt show. I love the one that looks like a forest fire.

    1. Hi Paula, thank you and yes the colouring in that quilt was beautiful. By the way, I love that beautiful antique quilt you found at the yard sale!

  4. Carolyn, your quilt is beautiful. I loved it so much when you first showed it I found the pattern and plan on making a few memory quilts from a man's clothing, he has 8 grandchildren so I plan to quilt their initials in each star. I think this pattern would have sold more if they had put your quilt on the cover. Love all the quilts in the show.

    1. Thank you Diane and thanks for visiting again. I love your idea of the grandchildrens' initials in each star - great idea. You will find it quite a simple pattern to piece and enjoy quilting all the negative space! I would love to see a pic when you are done please.

  5. Wow love your quilt and also the courage to partake in a competition. I have no interest for competitions. Just quilting for myself. Thanks for sharing pics of the Bloemfontein Show. Hi I am in Clanwilliam Western Cape.

    1. Hi Susan, I actually share your sentiments too. I'm not into competitive quilting. It was my first entry and I enjoyed the experience. But no more....

  6. I am a quilt show junkie, and love when others post photos of quilt show they are seeing. Thanks for posting about this one, so far from away from me. I had a close look at all the quilts, such vibrant colours, and excellent work. Your quilt is exquisite, all that quilting. . . wow. I know what you mean about sid for each seam. I like to get that grid down before quilting anything else, and sometimes still have trouble. Still learning.

    1. Thank you for your comment Ilene. I know it seems such a waste of time to sid but it really pays off and I've learned my lesson!!