26 May 2012

Reunion Class of '62

Check that waistcoat!

May 2012 saw the reunion of DH's matric class of '62.  What a great event this was with a visit to Westville Boys High where we were shown around the school and attended assembly with 1300 students and 79 staff members.  This also had a special meaning for me as well as I was also at the school in the days when it was co-ed.

All of us present at the school tour

After a scrumptious tea served to us in the old "quadrangle", we set off for Cathedral Peak Hotel in the Natal Drakensberg for two nights, meeting up with "old" school friends.  Two days to catch up on 50 years!

A view of Cathedral Peak from the hotel verandah

Cathedral Peak Hotel is situated in the heart of the Drakensberg mountains and is probably the closest to the well-known peaks of all the hotels.  The approach to the hotel is through typical rural settlements and along pot-holed roads lined with goats, sheep and cattle, the latter often forcing cars to negotiate around them while lazing on the narrow roads in the sun!  After signing in through two boomed entrances, we arrived in the magnificient surroundings of the hotel. 

The next few hours were spent introducing spouses and renewing friendships and acquaintances...... followed by a delicious buffet dinner in the diningroom.  Oh the food!  What a beautiful spread, not only at dinner; breakfast was quite amazing as well.

The highlight of our stay in the 'Berg was hearing "The Savages" playing together for the first time in 50 years.   During their latter high school years, Dave, Pete, Derrick and Jeff formed a band, calling themselves "The Savages".  They played at various venues including the Westville Hotel, local "socials" and private parties as well as a gig during the Christmas holidays at Drakensberg Gardens Hotel.  (This is another story)!  Considering the fact that they spent an afternoon practicing and another hour or so before the Thursday evening "event", one found it hard to believe it had been 50 years since the band had played together last!  Of course, the music and songs they played reflected what had been popular in the 1960s and everyone enjoyed the evening and sang along to songs we remembered from that time.

Dave, Keith, Pete H, Pete C, Derrick

"The Savages"

It was with very heavy hearts that we bade everyone a very fond farewell with promises to keep up the contact from here on!  Sadly, we had learned of classmates who were no longer with us and of others who were faced with ill health and fighting dreaded diseases.  There were messages sent by e-mail from those now living in far-off lands and who were unable to be there for the reunion.  It felt that 50 years had passed in a flash, but the memories from this reunion will stay with each one of us, not for 50 years, but for many years to come. 

Friends 50 years ago


Derrick and Dozy and ourselves


  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful time! Many years ago when my in-laws went to their 50th class reunion, I thought them old! Now I'm about there and we're really aren't that old! So happy that you were able to go and enjoy everything! ~Jeanne

    1. Thank you for your comment Jeanne. It's amazing how we thought that our parents were old at our age now. We had a wonderful celebration last week. Unfortunately I ended up with a thrombosis in my leg - my 3rd - so that has put paid to my quilting for the moment. So it has forced me to sit at the computer with my leg up and catch up on my blog. > Carolyn.